Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I don't know if you realize this but Hip Hop has been the soul of counter culture for the last 35 years! Originating in the Bronx (1 of the 5 boroughs in New York) in the 1970's, Hip hop provokes freedom of speech, anti-government campaigns targeting issues regarding the media, inspiring aid to disaster area's (Hurricane Katrina), they have pretty much covered everything! Hip Hop incorporated MC'ing, DJ'ing and Break Boying to create a social movement that has spread around the world infecting people both rich and poor.

 Some Hip Hop legends include:

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five:

Run-DMC :

Afrika Bambaataa:

The Funky Four + 1 :

The Sugarhill-Gang:

Music has transformed dramatically in recent years, it has moved from being the voice of a counter culture into a mass culture craze. With regards to Hip Hop it has inspired social change through its messages, regardless of the Big Booty, Cash Money and Blunt Wrap disguising them. For those of you that don't know, Hip Hop is the result of Rock ( Aerosmith and Run-DMC made the song Walk this Way) so next time you feel the urge to tell your fellow head banger how dreadful Drake and Shady are try turning those judgmental eyes towards your own icons... Not to say that all Hip Hop is great, in any genre there are some songs that shouldn't be.

Many consider Hip Hop controversial and a waste of time, yet it has become a global phenomenon in its ability to unify races, classes and cultures, which, for the most part is undeniable. Societies have argued that this form of "Art" is riddled with violent lyrics that degrade women and are uninspiring, even though it has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry. I wonder how the OG's ( Original Gangsters) of this "insignificant jungle music" would feel about the negative connotations attributed to their music. Regardless of the fact that Hip Hop has been the driving force behind most major influences around the world. Hip Hop has created a desire to "Not Follow" leading to an assortment of weird and wonderful new types of people. do you know of any Emo band that has had the same or partial effect of Hip Hop....?

SO, is it not funny to think that even if you hate Hip Hop, it HAS influenced every aspect of our daily lives for so long we don't notice it any more. In fact we claim it, High tops and fitted's in my city seem to be for Emo girls, changing perception's daily. It is inescapable. so where do you stand, are you a Hater or Appreciator? PEACE.


  1. the fashion during this period was insane

  2. I love Hip-Hop and all the controversies that come with it. I'm very open minded about the music I listen to;if the beat is good than everything is cool,but Hip-Hop man it just hits "the spot". I feel like watever I'm going through as soon as i throw in a Hip-Hop record such as Eminem,Drake,Ludacris everything is chilled.There is different types of Hip-Hop and every artist has its own style, therefore it can cater to so many different moods. Its funny how some people talk crap about Hip-Hop just because some songs are disrespectful but when they get that nice jam on the club that might say words such as "Shake that ass for me,bitch" they vibe to it. Yeah man,that's Hip-Hop for you!:)
    P.s Great Post