Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Struting like a G.O.D

Currently the most amusing thing to me is how we are all, as youngsters perceived to know "NO BETTER".

Regardless of how much more we know about aspects of our own lives or, heaven forbid, point out the faults in elders we seem to be a generation of fuck ups or slackers. If you have never experienced this wild and wonderful sensation, CONGRATULATIONS. We are forced to grow up differently and with that we are, at its essence, all contributing to one big counter culture called 'generation X',

So compadres how about we try make a combined effort to amplify our..., how should i put this, intelligence! Because it is easy to argue back and end up fighting, even easier to give up and call it a day, but i have no intention of doing any such thing. Our dividing lines are age, music and technologically. So make an effort, take time to explain yourself, be nice, but do not take shit. As for everything else- INHALE count to 10 and EXHALE ;)

Lets make a combined effort to forge our counter culture into something more than just a stupid Roman symbol. We the future, lets make it enjoyable, or at least break our backs trying to. We literally are the coolest group of counter culture misfits the world has seen yet, big ups kids.  Seriously we must know a bit more about somethings than sweet old mum and dad. Not to say all parents are kinda wack, some are the best... just ask Jonah lewis.

What i got to say is ill and got skill, I'm all for change because out of everything it pays.Wake up and give thanks to to fact that we are in one of the most beautiful places on earth to be, not to god, but to yourself and those 'hill billy's' you live with. If anything, we can all agree we love them unconditionally. No matter what issue, tissue? PEACE.

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  1. hahaha "INHALE count to 10 and EXHALE" yeah our generation is the best,we take no shit and its great, but its a treat to the other generations.oh well,they can suck it!lol