Sunday, October 3, 2010

I guess the best way to do this is to jump straight in, I am kind of new to this whole Blogging thing, so bear with me. I am starting this Blog to focus on subcultures in and around the world I live in.

My starting point is music, it has expressed the views of people apposed to mass culture, both now and in the past, and the views of those determined to stay up to date with current POP culture trends and waves.

The plan is to go back to the origins of counter culture and discover how people wound up feeling the need to fight the “oppressor” with words and melody. A peaceful, yet powerful way of taking all the information given out to the public and turning it on its head. With the majority of us all following blindly to the drum of societies beat and the rest of us doing our best to be “different” a dividing line has emerged creating two worlds in one city.

 Not sure bout the rest of the planet but Cape Town is starting to feel like one big freak show, in the best way possible. There is always something new and exciting to look at, someone to make you laugh, or something to do.

We got the drugs, the thugs, the rich kids and poverty striving in our Mother City and I plan to share it all with you. This is for the beat that moves your feet. PEACE.


  1. yeah the mother city be killing it what makes me move is house music and capetown needs a shit load of it

  2. andizzle, just for u ill blog about it. should be fun. :)